Time for Easter Bunny Pics!



Our kids are typical teens… They hide in their rooms most of the weekend, coming out only to ask what we have to munch on or to go to the bathroom.

This morning, Ben is playing around on his tablet and goes “Oooooo!!! If we go to Cabela’s today, we can get our picture with the Easter Bunny FREE!” Knowing our kids have NEVER let us get their picture with Mr. Bunny or even Jolly Old St. Nick, I said “Let’s go! And we won’t leave til the kids pose with him!”

Without hesitation, Ben says “F@ck that! You and me go…. They will never know we’re gone! We will send them a pic of us with him grinning like mad and waving and flipping the bird!”

I said “Yeah, Chrissy will come out in a few hours “Mom? Dad?” and her phone will ding and there’s the picture!”

I actually laughed so hard that I was crying. I might even have cackled!


Let me know what you think! :)

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