Update on my fibromyalgia disability case



I had my Administrative Law Hearing last month in my Social Security disability case. After being denied at the first two levels, I hired Allsup because the stress of trying to do it on my own was killing me. At the hearing, I was represented by a non-attorney representative associated with Allsup. I got the denial letter from Social Security today. Is it a problem that half the diagnoses are missing and that they have 2 on there that aren’t even true? And the judge went on about my obesity and how it can also affect the fatigue, depression, etc. Nahhhhh…. really? AND what they fail to understand is that the medication I was first on for the fibro CAUSED me to gain a ton of weight, which I have managed to lose about 20 lbs of. So incorrect info in the ruling and I’m fat. Thanks for that. Left a message with an attorney. So disgusted right now.

My obesity was never mentioned during the hearing. Nor the 2 incorrect diagnoses. The only things talked about were fibro, my back issues, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and migraines. I told them also that I was back in physical therapy (not mentioned in this denial) and that I have also been diagnosed with a neuroma and plantar fasciitis… both are symptoms of fibro. They didn’t ask for the records.

I explained how having a special needs child also exacerbates my issues. How I am so depressed most days, it takes everything I have to get out of bed. Unbelievable!

I have learned a valuable lesson. Don’t think you can do this on your own and DON’T let anyone but an attorney represent you.

I am praying this attorney will take my case. It said in the denial that my 5 years of insurance eligibilty expired June 30, 2017. So I have no idea what that means. Am I screwed?

Let me know what you think! :)

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