Weight Control (“Diet”) Pills – Fenfluramine – #14 in series


Part 14 in my series of posts about products which can contribute to nutrient deficiencies –


Weight Control (“Diet”) Pills – Fenfluramine

Banned in the US in September 1997, this little doozy was causing severe heart issues. Here’s a list of the side effects:


Common side effects of fenfluramine Oral:

Chronic Trouble Sleeping Less Severe

Nervous Less Severe

False Sense of Well-Being Less Severe


Rare side effects of fenfluramine Oral:

Depression Severe

Blood Flowing Wrong Way in Mitral and Aortic Heart Valves Severe

High Blood Pressure Severe

Increased Pressure of Pulmonary Circulation Severe

Inflammation of Skin caused by an Allergy Severe

Hives Severe

Rash Severe

Reaction due to an Allergy Severe

Confused Severe

Mental Disorder with Loss of Normal Personality & Reality Severe

Nightmares Less Severe

Blurred Vision Less Severe

Abnormal Heart Rhythm Less Severe

Dry Mouth Less Severe

Incomplete or Infrequent Bowel Movements Less Severe

Inability to have an Erection Less Severe

Drowsiness Less Severe

Dizzy Less Severe

Low Energy Less Severe

Excessive Sweating Less Severe

Taste Problems Less Severe

Voluntary Movement Difficulty Less Severe

Head Pain Less Severe

Slurred Speech Less Severe

Feel Like Throwing Up Less Severe

Throwing Up Less Severe

Diarrhea Less Severe

Difficult or Painful Urination Less Severe

Frequent Urination Less Severe

Stomach Cramps Less Severe

Feeling Weak Less Severe

Altered Interest in Having Sexual Intercourse Less Severe


– Source: http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drug-19120-fenfluramine+Oral.aspx?drugid=19120&drugname=fenfluramine+Oral&pagenumber=6


Avoid this one at all costs, folks!

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