What does winning mean to you?



Winning means something different to us all, but the wisest of us know that winning is not a moment but an attitude. Despite our hardships, we can all be winners in life so long as we try. Giving up or not trying at all: those are the times we fail.

Now, that’s easier said than done! We all have moments where we want to give up. The odds are against us, the task seems impossible, and we can’t summon the strength to go on. However, it’s not the desire to quit that defines us, it’s how we respond to it. In the face of adversity, do we throw up our hands and say, “never mind, it’s too hard?” Or do we steel ourselves and forge ahead? The Race will make you want to pick yourself up and try again, to become the winner you are meant to be!

Author D.H. (Dee) Groberg dedicates The Race to anyone who has felt discouraged personally or professionally, that is to say, everyone! This inspirational poem tells the story of a boy in a race who trips and falls not once, not twice, but three times! Each time the boy hits the ground, he wants to give up. But, as Dee Groberg says, three is not the important number, one is. All you have to do is get up one more time than you fall.

The Race proves you don’t have to be the fastest, smartest, or strongest to succeed. In the race of life, you simply need to be the most determined and you will find your own path to victory.

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