Why Isn’t the Weight Coming Off?



By Jennifer Gruenemay, ACE-Certified, Special to Lifescript
Published November 03, 2013

You’ve gone to the gym regularly for the past month and have been watching what you eat. You’ve been trying harder than you’ve ever tried before, so why isn’t the extra weight budging? It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re working hard enough to lose weight solely based on the fact that you’re giving it your all. But if you kept track of your workouts and food intake, you just might be surprised at how much room for improvement there really is.

When it’s in black and white, it’s much more difficult to “forget” about that workout you skipped last week, or those cupcakes you baked and ate twice daily for a week. The solution? Make yourself a training log.

Use a calendar and write down your daily workouts in detail. Include the duration and intensity of effort you gave that day and how you were feeling (mood, emotions) before and after working out. This will help you recognize why you may have had a weak or particularly high-energy workout for no particular reason.

To pump up the volume on your weight loss even more, keep a food diary. Put a lot of detail into your records and you’ll identify the many reasons why your diet could be sabotaging your efforts in the gym. Whether it’s exercise, diet or both, chart your progress and you’ll know without a doubt why the weight isn’t coming off.

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