Yet another DUH moment.



Well, I pulled a major DUH moment. My son deals with autism and ADHD. He takes meds to help with these issues, as prescribed by his psychiatrist. Before she left on maternity leave, she wrote him prescriptions for his meds and said if anything comes up before she returns that I should take him to the emergency room. I pulled his scripts out today to go get them filled and just realized that she forgot to give me one for his anxiety med. And he took the last one this morning. So, I tried to call her office to see if she left any instructions for something like this. I discovered that no one is in while she’s out. Lovely. So at 9 am, I called our family doctor’s office to see if she would be willing to call the prescription in for us until the psychiatrist comes back. I’m still waiting to hear if she will do it or if I need to take him in to see her.

This could be an interesting weekend without his medication.

Why can nothing be easy? *sigh*

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