You are NOT stupid.



“You are NOT stupid. You are NOT ugly. You are NOT worthless. You are NOT weak. You are NOT a burden.”

This is something I desperately need to work on every SINGLE day. Sure, I had some minor anxiety but nothing like NOW. A lot of it came from being in a marriage with an abusive controlling (pardon my French) bastard who took great pleasure in beating me down mentally, emotionally and physically every day. “You’re fat and ugly. You will never find someone better than me.” “You’re stupid and worthless. You should just do the world a favor and kill yourself.” I did finally get the courage to get him out of my kids’ lives and mine, but I still hear his voice in my head telling me all those horrible things. The abuse lives on long after the relationship ends. It’s been 8 years for me. I’m living proof that you CAN get out. I just wish I would have done it much sooner.


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