You cannot make this shit up

OMG. I seriously cannot make this shit up! Girlchild is on a 2-hour delay for school due to the other grades in the high school taking their course-end testing. She had to be at school at 9:50. Well, not at school…. more like HAVE HER BUTT IN HER SEAT IN FIRST PERIOD. I woke her up at 9 so she could grab something to chew on and get ready. Then I came back out to the computer and started working again. I figured “She’s 15. She knows the routine. She’s got this.” Right? WRONG!

When she came out of the bathroom, I looked at the time…. 9:43! Oh shit! I looked at her, she looked at me and said “I fell asleep on the toilet!” (Who DOES that?) So we ran (in my case, limped) out to the car, threw on our seatbelts and back out of the driveway. Then I figured “She’s going to be late no matter what, right?”
So I sat forward in the seat, put my hands at 11 and 1 on the wheel, put on my mean face and started singing the Mission Impossible theme as I start to break the speed limit for our street. (shhhhhhhhh!) She started laughing and said “I will be getting my first tardy ever for falling asleep on the toilet” and we both started laughing even harder.

We hit 2 red lights and got behind someone who decided to stop at a stop sign and ARGUE with the passenger AFTER he pulled out in front of us. Seriously???

But…. we pulled up in front of the school at….. drumroll, please!…. 9:51. Yep, she still had to go to the office and get a tardy note for 1st period. But so did about 10 other kids.

#AnotherDayInGrahamLand #BackToOurRegularlyScheduledBroadcast

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